Make-Ahead Reset (Volume 1)

Meal Plan & Recipes

For the past several months, I’ve been developing a stash of make-ahead meals that I could prep on Sunday, and then enjoy all week long. For me, the meals I eat during the weekday have to be fast and delicious, because when I’m hungry, I’ll reach for the first thing I see in the fridge. When your fridge is already stocked with healthy meals and snacks, healthy eating is a no-brainer.

After testing dozens of recipes, I narrowed down the ones I wanted to eat over and over again, and compiled them into a 5-day meal plan that I could easily follow during the weekday to keep up my healthy eating momentum.

Here’s what is included in this digital PDF:

  • 16 exclusive make-ahead recipes (way more than you probably need for 5 days!)
  • Daily tips to help support detoxification and weight loss
  • A 5-Day Sample Meal Plan for One Person
  • A 5-Day Sample Meal Plan for Two or More People
  • Shopping lists for both meal plans
  • A Sample Daily Schedule
  • Weekend Meal Prep Guide (with a list of exactly what to chop and prepare)
  • Make-Ahead Tips for Each Recipe (so you can customize the plan)
  • Printable Food Journal

What started as a side-project quickly turned into a nearly 60-page digital e-book. There’s a photo for every recipe included, along with make-ahead and storage tips, substitution notes, and food combining tips.

A few of my favorite recipes in this e-book include the Chocolate Zucchini Shake, Southwestern Salad (a knock-off of the Trader Joe’s salad that I’m obsessed with!), Chocolate Almond Butter Truffles, Cauliflower Detox Tacos, and Make-Ahead Muesli, which I’m currently eating every single day.

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